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Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Burger Lab


OK, it had been 3 months I found out about this shop besides Burger Kaw Kaw(located at Wangsa Maju, I heard there's another branch at PJ). Well, I'm always craving for something and this is seriously what I wanted to try... I had been asking my course mates about it's whereabout but all their responses are
i) Don't know la, where is the place?
ii) I usually drive there de wor...
And so, I went on to Google and checked the place. To dismay, no information of the nearest LRT station was there. The thing about me is I'm not from KL so I don't drive...

Finally, after 2 months of eavesdropping... I heard this one day,
"Eh, wanna go Burger Lab ah?"
"Want want want. HOw to go ah?"
"I heard there is a LRT station nearby there."
"Stop where ah?"
"Taman Paramount I heard."
Hmm... Taman Paramount... COol! now I know the place. All I need to know is how to get to the shop from Taman Paramount LRT station. So, in conjuction with my brother's off day I decided to bring him for dinner at Burger Lab since he's a total aficionado of burgers (WEll, I suspect he has a dream of trying every single burger on earth)

So at 3.30pm today, I texted a course mate... So in count of 3, I'm gonna reveal his name... 3! 2! 1! With a round of applause, let's welcome Dnesh Ong~! Well, this is the message he sent me just now:

  I'm like Okay... With this I should be able to find the place... I hope. So after class, I met up my brother at MCD KL Sentral and we started discussing...

"Eh, have you went there before?" my bro
I answered in a very sorry manner..."Er... Actually... No..."
"Ha? Will we get lost then? I need to catch the bus at 7.30 and it's already 5.30,"
"Well, no harm giving a try..."
"We better find the place, I'm starving."
Well, we took the LRT(just in case anyone do not know, it's KJ line, formerly know as Putra line) until the station of Taman Paramount.

"OK, let's go." I said enthusiastically.
"Er, bus... 7.30 need to be at KL Sentral." my bro reminded.
So I opened this message and started following the direction.
We walked up the stairs and undecidable whether to turn left or right and trust me, it is a dead end if you walk straight as written in the message. So I looked around and followed by instinct(I was know to have very good sense of direction). At the corner of the road, I spotted a traffic light signboard so I took the left turn and lucky me, I found the traffic light!

That is a very straight uphill road with loads of cars moving. So a friendly advise, be careful when walking along the road as traffic are quite congested in that area. So basically we can see the end of the road there and I was reading the message where my brother shouted, "Holy, there really is a KFC there!"

I'm like, OK... We're on the right track so we moved on... We followed the message direction and found the place... It was quite a distance from the LRT station... Say about... 15 mins walk...

Here's the map:

OK, this map sucks but it's not really that hard to find... Trust me... Don't worry and just walk...
So we ended lining up in the restaurant and started looking at the notice board full of pictures and money of other currencies... Well, of course the menu... They came up with fantastic names which will attract the customers' attention (Undeniably)... E.g: Water Balloon (Watermelon and Lychee fillings, I wonder what is the taste), The Hulk, Swisstake etc...

Since both me and my brother are beef "craver"(aka beef lovers), we went for the beef meal... I ordered a Hangover Burger which I saw received quite some compliments at the notice board... Here it is:

OK, here are the ingredients:
1. Beef Patty
2. Hashbrown
3. Lettuce
4, SHitake Mushroom
5. Enoki Mushroom
6. Maple syrup
PS: Mushrooms that came with the sauce is awesome...

It looks weird but it taste awesome... Hangover Burger, my first trip to My BUrger Lab... I would give a 4/5 and I would definitely love to have one more but it's too filling. Seriously TOO filling.

So basically my brother saw another thing which attracted him... The cool name and cool ingredients. Well, he always go for something which has cooler name and more sophisticating ingredients. So basically he chose this: Beautiful Mess ver 4.0

The ingredients?
1. Beef Patty
2. Sunny side-up (aka egg)
3. Portabella mushroom
and I can recall no more... Sorry if I missed out any ingredients.

Anyway, he chose this... And he was quite contented with the taste... And it is too VERY fiiling... *Burp

NOw, to the bill... Me and my brother with a side fries for me and a side fries +drink for my brother... Total is RM44.00
Well, some would say expensive... I would say it's quite worthy... Highly reccomended to try on their fries... With(it's a must) some of the sauce they provided... Trust me, it's one of the best... Especially the sauce... No joke.

Well, that;s all... He went back to work after that and I was left here typing this blog just to share with anyone who is interested in getting there and have a bite of this... Oh, by the way just in case you are curious why the bun is black in colour, it's charcoal bread...
The worker there are friendly, very friendly and very helpful... With a high speed wifi and a nice environment... Totally a suitable place for gathering and meet up... I would love to re-visit this shop some day.

Overall rating: 4/5 ☆★★★★

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yongling wong said...

Hi, thanks a lot for making a post on how to go to burgerlab by public transport, it does helps a lot for those who don't drive in kl area.
Btw, may I know if the restaurant only open from 5pm onwards?